Our chemistries replace Quaternised Fossil & Natural chemistries at a significantly lower dosages. ​Owing to its naturally occurring high nitrogen content and highly branched network of polysaccharides.

SCHUTZENCOL-NH2 allows to build a complex matrix during application in situ.​With technical support from our expert team. 
We are making it possible to work seamlessly with our application & formulation laboratories across the globe for more quick localised formulation support.

What’s more, we are enabling co-creation & co-branding between an ecosystem of experts, partners, and consultants, so we can find best solutions, together.
Reach out to us to access our Formulation support laboratories in India, Turkey, France & key locations in Europe.

Biobased Hair 

Biobased skin conditioner

Biobased rheology modifier

Biobased bonding agent