Making the transition to biobased and biodegradable textile chemicals easier, faster, scaleable & credible 

The transition from fossil chemistry to bio-based biodegradable chemistry can be very complex, expensive and time consuming. Together with you, we want to make it easier and faster. No matter the size of your business or stage of your journey, we can help you prepare, dye, print and finish your textiles...

We provide bio-based & biodegradable chemistries for every textile process cycle to enable simple plug-and-play chemical transition and foster innovation. This allows us to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, partners and developers. 

No more greenwashing. Our technology is quantified and certified - easy to use and easy to integrate. Low COD/BOD, high biodegradability, and better performance compared to obsolete fossil carbon-based chemicals. Join us in building a strong and sustainable ecosystem.  

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SCHUTZEN follows a stringent four step internal safety audit prior to launch of a product


Biobased Carbon Prediction 

As a first step, we are committed to making our entire portfolio of chemicals biobased & biodegradable. By using our proprietary in-house state-of-the-art predictive algorithm, We predict the Percentage (%) Biobased Carbon in our products & formulations. 

Biobased Carbon Proof


The only way to quantify & prove the Biobased carbon % in any product is via Radio Carbon analysis using method ASTMD6866B. Our predictive models are put to the test and our products & formulations are analysed at Beta Analytics lab in USA. The products are then listed on the USDA bio-preferred website catalog and carry the prestigious USDA Bio-preferred Product label. 

Environm​ental Safety Tests


We are against green washing and any biobased claim must be backed by data. A Biobased product does NOT necessarily mean it will biodegrade . We understand this, The products and formulations with proven & acceptable biobased carbon are then subjected to suitable tests for Biodegradation as per OECD guidelines. 

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Biobased chemistries out-perform Fossil Chemistries .Leveraging on the already established safety data, We test the products performance in applications for every stage of textile wet processing from Pre-Treatment, Dyeing, Printing , Finishing.The high performance products are approved , Data sets are built based on ASTM , ISO & IS standards of Textile performance and products are launched to make this world safe again.


Super complex, made super simple

SCHUTZEN’s Biobased & Biodegradeable Technology offers a adaptable solutions with an easy Plug & Play model. The Biobased Chemical profile is easy to integrate, Simply implement the entire package of products for each process ranging from Pre-Treatment, Dyeing, Printing & Finishing as per the recommended recipe. With access to our team of implementation experts, partners, and consultants. We provide the best support to accelerate your transformation from Fossil based chemistries to Biobased & Biodegradable chemistries.


Old mechanism, New Approach

SCHUTZEN’s Biobased & Biodegradeable chemistries follow similar working
principles that have been utilised for wet processing of textile for the last 200 years. With technical working principles similar to that of a fossil based chemistry our biobased & biodegradable solutions work efficiently and out perform synthetic fossil chemistries.
Access to the leading low cod/bod environmentally friendly technology, promises maximum cost saving and customer delight. We are committing to making our own truly sustainable, so your business can pivot and grow at any scale. 

FICUS Microcarpa Ginseng



There is no need to Re-invent the Wheel, Our chemistries replace Fossil chemistries 1:1 Function at a similar dosage & Out perform obsolete fossil chemistries.Our biobased chemicals fit perfectly with your existing machineries, they work effectively on Continuous machines as well as JET machines.With technical support from our expert team. We are making it possible for our partners to include their offerings alongside our own with biobased label & hang tags.What’s more, we are enabling co-creation & co-branding between an ecosystem of experts, partners, and consultants, so we can find best solutions, together.


Biobased ethoxylate 
free wetting agent

sequestering agent

Biobased peroxide 

Biobased core alkali

Biobased dye 
leveling agent

Biobased anti crease

Biobased silicate free alkali buffer

Biobased silicate free alkali buffer



Biobased dye 
leveling agent

Biobased dye 
leveling agent


Biobased sequestering agent